peter dawson

Midnight Oil


Dear Midnight Oil Team,

We are a group of close friends who share an artist studio space in Los Angeles. Over the years, the Joshua Tree area has become a special place to us for inspiration, retreat, togetherness, and solitude (and even a wedding!). We were thrilled to discover Midnight Oil and it’s innovative and welcoming model, and wanted to submit a group proposal for the 2019 Fall/Winter exhibition cycle.

Thanks so much for taking a look! We love your space and sincerely hope to be able to collaborate on a show.

-Peter, Marshall, and Haley.

Peter Dawson | Photography

I am driven by channeling moments in the landscape when the discoverable meets the revealed.  My approach is less “adventurer-with-camera” and more as portraitist of an ever changing, yet familiar muse. I frequently operate right at the edge of storms and in harsh environments, as this is where the mysterious, unrepeatable moments of beauty are encountered.

For my portion of the Midnight Oil proposal, I would love to show new images from my ongoing Infinity series. These are vast, open desert landscapes, printed and framed large at sizes 24X36 and 32X48.

Infinity Series

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery. -Francis Bacon

This sense of mystery is at the heart of what I’m after in many of my landscape works. The Infinity Series is an ongoing collection of images characterized by a vast sense of space and time, conveyed through very simple compositions of open landscapes meeting open sky. I specifically choose non-iconic (though distinctly western) desert landscapes stripped to the bare elements of earth, sky, and their meeting point.


Marshall Roemen | Painting


Können is a site-specific presentation of small artworks both new and revisited. German for “can”—as in, to be able to do something—Können serves as a play on words, a milepost along the journey of the recurring internal questions I experience as an artist. Time and again, I find myself trying to choose between the energy required to explore and the energy required to perfect. Humble, tangible subjects ground me amidst an often-preferable unknown visual landscape. Together these pieces help me gain--and lose--perspective on what really matters and how time should be spent amidst an infinitely expanding yet definite continuum.


Marshall Roemen earned a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, and an MFA from the University of Oregon. He lives and works (collaboratively at times) with his wife, Haley in Los Angeles. 


HAMR Studio | Haley Roemen + Ashley Weiler | Fashion

HAMR studio exists to create limited objects of beauty and “recovery” within a seasonal and regional system of projects. Designed for simple aesthetic intrigue—most often as garments—the works presented by hamr generally combine embroidery and hand-worked techniques, suggestive of layered meanings of persons, places, and things.

Oasis of Mara

For the Midnight Oil show, HAMR studio will explore the forms and undercurrents of Joshua Tree and 29 Palms, previously known as the “Oasis of Mara.” Through line-drawn traces of local desert flora and fauna, combined with traces of humanity old and new, the timeless interaction of nature with culture will be explored.